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Different states a coach, team or organization can be in.

Short Version

Holons can temporarily be in different states. For Integral Agile holons we will mainly focus on the states of mindfulness, flow and hyperproductivity.

Main Version

In addition to levels in lines coaches, teams and organizations move through, all of these holons can find themselves in different temporary states. For individual (human) holons, these are It will probably not be very interesting to look at most of these from an agile perspective. We will simply assume that being awake, sober and not in a state of psychosis is a prerequisite to working in an agile team. However, other states are very important for our work. These include the states of: Hardly anyone in a business setting honors these states, let alone finding a way to purposefully evoke them in themselves or others. States of mindfulness and flow have been studied extensively and shown to elicit a slew of positive changes in employees.

States are included in our Integral Agile model since actively working with these is not only beneficial in itself but can also have a positive impact on levels and lines.

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