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Different types of holons.

Short Version

Holons display certain preferences for making decisions, communicating and expressing themselves. These are called types and can be used to create harmony or deliberate tension.

Main Version

Holons move through levels, lines and states in certain ways. These individual styles are not a form of vertical growth, but a form of preference. We call them types. Aside from basic types like male and female the concept of differing personality types has been widely acknowledged in the business world. The following models are popular and have been used with success: These are all examples of models which focus on individual holons. Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions are an example of types of culture in social holons.

While none of these models capture all of reality, understanding types lets you honor other perspectives as equal; a practice essential to any integral framework. People think and operate differently and it is important to learn about their behavior patterns and speak their language.

Individuals in Integral Agile teams can choose to work on tasks with others who share the same type, who have the exact opposite one or they can make sure each type is actually included in the team. We will also look at other possible applications of types and limitations of the model.